Looking for a Sea/Tree Change Adventure

Thousands of Australians are leaving the city behind and relocating to the country or coastal towns.  Internal migration to regional New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland is the highest it has been in ten years.  But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a result of an aging population and that they are all retirees. Younger generations are in search of better lifestyles away from the pressure of city living. Also, the world pandemic has played a great part in making people migrate towards the country or seasides. 

Knowing who they are and what drives them to relocate gives us a chance to help these tree and sea changers to relocate with super ease and quality experience.

Two key things are driving people who opt to move to a home with more space, cleaner air, and a quieter environment — the flexibility of working from home for many professionals this year and the employment opportunities offered in regional areas (for those currently looking for work).

What we as agents at Belle Property Glen Iris have observed in the marketplace is that people have a desire to find a town that’s not as crowded as their inner-city lifestyle, while still having the ability to make a couple of city trips each week when offices move back to full capacity. It remains to be seen whether this is an initial knee-jerk reaction to the pandemic, or this desire for a change will stick post-pandemic.

That being said, if you were thinking of investing in towns further from the CBD, now may be the time to start doing some in-depth research. There may be more and more professionals who are eager to swap their suits for a t-shirt for good.

Belle Property Glen Iris, being city-based agents, are well aware that many of our clients may be considering a change. We consistently are creating marketing campaigns that assist clients on how to handle the pros and cons of a move to ensure that if they decide to proceed, they will make the shift with our help. And even if they don’t go through with the sea or tree change, they could look to the next best thing with our help. With Belle, Property offices not only throughout Australia, but we are also in a unique position where we connect people. Please Contact Steve Burke today to discuss your next move and how we can assist you in your decision making on 0448331653 or steve.burke@belleproperty.com

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