While the excitement of buying a new house can be massive, there are always many challenges to come along with it. You might find one house that is made wonderfully well, but then again, will real estate agent glen iris offer all the amenities you are looking for? 

Often, buyers overlook some of the most important aspects, and with that, they don’t also ask the right questions from their real estate agent glen iris. Hence, to help you in the matter, we have a list of questions that will ensure you have covered all the basics before buying a property

1. Can I Have The Property’s Sales Report?

Starting with the most important question, you must first check whether the house you are buying is fairly priced according to the local market or not. For that, you can check out the recent sales report and see the rates at which similar properties have been sold. This will help you negotiate better with the seller. 

2. Why are the owners selling the house?

This question serves to be more of a secret weapon during the bargaining stages. If the owners want to sell their current house to move out to a new one, chances are that you can take advantage of them wanting to rush with a smart offer. Although the reasons would be subjective you can always play with the offer through it. 

3. Are there any issues with the property or any renovations done previously?

If you hire a building inspector beforehand, he will be able to easily pick any issues with the property. But you can also save time and money by asking this from the real estate agent glen iris yourself – including billing and water-related problems. Moreover, you can also ask for a copy of the building inspection report to thoroughly check what you are buying.

4. What is included in the sale?

Many buyers forget to include this in their deals, but you must decide upfront with the seller on what is included in the sale. Chances are that there can be fixtures or fittings which you might find fancy and uplift the overall visual appeal of the house. Also, if there are any appliances around, make sure that the seller has specified in advance about including them in the sales. This will eventually save a lot of money for you.

5. How Is The Neighbourhood? 

Yes, we are not only talking about the behavior of the neighbors in general or what ethnicity usually lives in the area. We are talking about how close is the property to your office, children’s school, or homes of friends and family. No one likes to live in an area where they get cut off from the necessities, so make sure that the property is fairly near to shops, parks, cafes, hospitals, and other amenities.