Finally, we have managed to survive the pandemic years and 2022 is here. While we all do deserve a good start, what else can be better than buying a house to develop new memories in? 

However, buying a house today has become more of a challenge majorly because of the option in styles that we get at every corner of the street. As we all wish to live in the best house possible, there are certain aspects of design that are going to dominate in 2022. So, if you to buying a house or even transforming the current one, there are the things that you must keep in mind for a great overall outlook of the house. 

The World Is Moving Towards Vintage 

While there are supply chain problems everywhere, more and more people are also making choices that are great for the environment. Hence, vintage houses now serve as one-of-a-kind.

The best part about vintage houses is that while they do offer elegant visual appeal on their own, adding the aspect of luxury can evolve it into a work of art further. 

Shopping for vintage is also efficient and sustainable. You can easily incorporate your uniqueness or choose furniture that is chic and modern as both go well with the theme. 

Chose Domination of Natural Materials Before Buying A House

A lot of designers are already focusing on natural materials, especially when it comes to the matter of living rooms. The overall goal is to make living spaces “live longer” as incorporating such elements will contribute towards encapsulating their surroundings.

For instance, your living room can showcase natural wood mixed with travertine, all of which will result in a calming and natural ambiance.

Black Accents 

If there is one thing that we are very sure of in the list then it has to be black accents and hardware which will dominate in 2022. It’s the right choice to bring in some more edge and depth to more minimalist spaces. 

You can begin choosing light and neutral colors for the main elements of your space, including wall paint or large sofas, and then incorporate black accents for contrast. 

Versatile Spaces 

There is no doubt in the fact that the pandemic made us realize how ‘home’ is a haven all over again. With that, a lot of us have also realized that versatile spaces around the house are also important to be transformed and molded for different activities like your dining table or kitchen can double as a desk.

Chose House Plants Before Buying A House

Another aspect that is becoming increasingly important for the developers and inhabitants is wellness in buildings. Indoor plants have a calming effect and with that, they also promote clean air, so adding them is for your benefit. 

If you are not sure what houses around Glen Iris will have the above-mentioned things, then real estate agents of Belle Property can make finding them easy for you. So, call the experts and begin the hunt for your own house right away.