Analyzing Victorian Suburbs Life Expectancies

While no one knows how long they’ll live, their postcode could make all the difference. 

New studies done by Torrens University have compared life spans across Victoria, revealing a 30-year difference across the state’s suburbs.

Those with the longest life span of 89-years-old live in Ashburton in Melbourne’s southeast.

Residents in the affluent areas of Brighton, Camberwell, Surrey Hills, and Mont Albert also have a long median life span at 88 years.

So let’s take a look at the numbers…

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the past 10 years, life expectancy has increased by 1.5 years for males and 1.2 years for females.

This increase in life expectancy at birth reflects declining death rates at most ages and represents the average number of years that a newborn baby could expect to live, assuming current age-specific death rates are experienced through his/her lifetime.

What’s interesting with the latest data is that in recent years life expectancy for people has improved at a faster rate.

Where we live matters

What I found more interesting from the data, though, was that there were significant differences in life expectancy depending on where you live. In short – or long as it seems to be – our nation’s most affluent areas also boast the highest life expectancy rates.

Clearly, some of the reasons for this is that residents in these locations generally have professional vocations, which creates less of a tax on their bodies over the years.

On top of that, they generally have more funds available for medical treatment when needed.

Where Do We Rank in the World?

There is no question that Australians are living longer than they ever have before.

In fact, our average longevity is now among the best in the world! 

While the Swiss and Japanese have the highest life expectancy for males in the world, Aussie is not far behind at number five. Indeed, our average is only a minuscule half a year behind the world leaders, which is hardly here nor there when you’ve been alive for eight or more decades. So if you wish to raise the bat after scoring 100…  move to Ashburton!

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